Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bill introduced by Texas Democrat would penalize failure to report

Rep. Ryan Guillen
Representative Ryan Guillen (D-Rio Grande City) introduced a bill in the Texas House of Representatives November 12 that would make it an offense to fail to report a child missing or dead. This conservative legislation is tough on protecting children. The District 31 Democrat's bill is only two pages long, but it sends a strong message. Section 1 of HB 60 states the act shall be known as "Caylee's Law." This legislation would further make Texas a place where children are sacred, and would reinforce the idea we must protect them. Some Democrats are known for pitying criminals, and I applaud Rep. Guillen's bold attempt to break the chain of Democrats' spineless penal law.


  1. Wow! I actually like a bill introduced by a democrat! That's unusual!

  2. This is very good! :)


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