Saturday, December 29, 2012

Secession? Really?

     We all know President Obama was re-elected. We know that he will have at least 4 more years to try to impose his totalitarian policies upon the USA. Ah! But we can define ourselves out of the USA.

     A conservative group in Texas is pushing for a bill to consider secession to be introduced into the Texas legislature in the next session. You can read the bill here [PDF]. Secession would most certainly have benefits, if it could be peaceably pulled off.

  • An economy that would be somewhere between fifth and fifteenth in the world, depending on where you get your data. 
  • A population of 26 million that would be around 40th in the world. 
  • Lower Taxes.
  • Greater rights and more Liberty.
  • That touchy situation of another civil war...
  • It would take some time to build up a good military.  
In my opinion, secesion would be very beneficial, IF it could be pulled off without a war...

I know there are a lot of differing opinions out there about this topic. I'd love to hear y'all's view on Texapendance (or any point I might have left out above) in the comments below.

Go Texas!!


  1. Texas can go ASAP and all the federal money it gets from US taxpayers


    1. The state of Texas' contribution to the federal government outweighs the benefits we receive. That is an invalid point.

    2. True But you still get back $.91 cents for every dollar paid. Doesn't sound so independent to me. It also means state taxes would have to go up to cover the loss. if spending stayed the same your taxes would only net 9% lower. Hardly a great benefit for not being in the US


    3. If the state of Texas seceded, it is likely we would drastically cut back on Medicaid, which is required by the federal government. Our legislature would only raise taxes to make up for a minute portion of what the federal government provides because most of it the state of Texas believes isn't even the government's responsibility. Don't get me wrong - I am not in favor of secession. However, this isn't a very good argument against it.

  2. I do not believe secession from the United States is a good idea. First, it is very unpatriotic to abandon an idea, America, for economic purposes. I will choose America over economic wealth every day of the week. I am not playing devil's advocate - it is absurd to be so quick to jump the gun on our great nation simply because a minute group of people want to fundamentally transform it. Second, we can achieve greater rights without secession. I believe it is cowardice to run from the problem rather than confront it. Secession would only result in the same dirty politics occurring in Washington, D.C. coming home to Austin, Texas. Finally, I am an American before I am a Texan. I just returned from Mexico, where I was referred to as on of the Americans. I was proud to be an American. Those advocating secession need to re-examine their intentions. Where are your priorities? Are those priorities in wealth or patriotism? I am pro patriam before I am pro pecunia.

  3. I agree with your position, but then, where do you draw the line? The Founding Father's were proud to be Englishmen. They fought for the "rights and privileges of free-born Englishmen." In some ways we're worse off than they were. Many of the rights they fought for have been almost completely lost and we pay a much higher burden in taxes than they did. When is enough enough?

    The only thing that makes our lot better than our Founder's is that we still have the right to vote, to try and change our situation. Once that right is gone, then I believe we will have no choice but to split and take up arms if necessary.

    Another point - succeeding doesn't necessarily mean we've given up on the American Ideal. In fact the only true reason to succeed would be because we truly do believe in the American Ideal. Because we believe the America has become corrupted, diseased, and the only way to fix her is by desperate surgery.

    I hope and pray we never come to that, but if it's necessary I will fight for the American Ideal. I will fight because I believe in America.

    - Ian M.

    1. Yes, I don't believe it is bad enough yet to secede. Now, when the federal government begins to take from us our fundamental rights (e.g. freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, etc.) then secession will be necessary. Let's not be so hasty, though. First let's try the art and science of persuasion, politics, to solve these problems.

    2. In some ways they already have. Try mixing political freedom of speech with religious freedom of speech and see how far you get. IE: Watch what happens when a pastor officially endorses a political candidate. Or try carrying a gun in Chicago!

    3. I know what you mean, Cliff. However, the fact that we are having this debate right now is indicative of the fact our freedom of speech is still being upheld. When I say "take from us our fundamental rights," I mean like placing anyone under arrest who criticizes homosexuals, imposing the "fairness doctrine" on talk radio, or other similar violations. Our liberty is always going to be attacked - but it is not bad enough now to secede.


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