Sunday, December 29, 2013

Melodramatic media overplays Ted Cruz' Canadian citizenship

This morning I opened the Dallas Morning News to read conservative senator Ted Cruz of Texas is working with attorneys to renounce his Canadian citizenship, which he recently discovered. The Dallas Morning News credits itself with Cruz' realization that he is technically a citizen of Canada. The liberal news media is desperate to distract Americans from Cruz' message.

When you think about this issue logically, it is completely - irrelevant. Ted Cruz is a United States senator. He was the most prominent conservative this year. He was the main opponent of funding President Obama's health care takeover. Cruz has been everything liberal news media dreads in an elected official - a conservative with backbone and a microphone. 

Cruz' Canadian citizenship, which is literally nothing except a technicality, has no bearing on any of the issues he has discussed. It also has no bearing on his American citizenship or his ability to serve as President of the United States. He has said he wants to renounce it, and is working to do so. Why is it all the sudden a key issue? It is often difficult to point out media bias. In this situation, it is rather easy. One type of news media bias is to minimize an important story, or to overplay an irrelevant or unimportant story. Cruz' paperwork citizenship in Canada is unimportant and irrelevant, yet we see it in the news and on the web constantly. My diagnosis is a severe case of left-leaning cognitive dissonance, a desire to talk about anything except the truth, conservative values, and common-sense Cruz has brought to the political table. 


  1. We are hearing about Cruz because for years we heard birthers go on and on about Obama. Both issues are stupid, but what goes around comes around

    1. I disagree with both sides as well, because it is a non-issue. Barack Obama is a citizen as is Ted Cruz. However, I think it's fair to say the liberal news media is treating the "Cruz birthers" more seriously than the "Obama birthers."

  2. The liberal media is so desperate to find something wrong with Senator Cruz, that anything that has the potential of becoming an issue they jump at, such as is the case with his Canadian citizenship.


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